Big Daddy C's Homemade BBQ Sauce, Inc.
Homemade, Southern Style BBQ Sauce and Catering Services
Getting To Know All About Big Daddy
C's Homemade BBQ  Sauce, Inc.  

With 30 years of perfecting my homemade BBQ
sauce, while traveling from coast-to-coast as a long-
distance truck driver, I would stop at various
trucking terminals for layovers.  With idle time, I
would grill chicken, ribs, beef brisket and various
steaks topped with my favorite my famous
homemade sauce for my colleagues.  Before long
this became a ritual for me to do the grilling at all
our company cookouts, new rookie drivers
graduation and other events.  

Many times it was said that anyone who tasted my
sauce would really love it.  My colleagues
encouraged me to market this famous sauce.  At
the time it didn't seemed to be such a big deal, but
after I got in a bad trucking accident and had been
off the road for some time, my former colleagues
became to place orders for the sauce.  After further
consideration, I decided to market and sale my
BBQ sauce locally.  

On May 1, 2006,
Big Daddy "C" Homemade BBQ
Sauce, Inc.
was born, with the help of my family.
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