Big Daddy C's Homemade BBQ Sauce, Inc.
Homemade, Southern Style BBQ Sauce and Catering Services
Over 30 years ago Big Daddy C's homemade BBQ sauce was
created in the kitchen of Mr. Ralph Cummings for family, friends and
colleagues. Now he would like to share this All Natural and
unforgettable sauce with you and your family. This homemade
Sodium, No Preservative
BBQ sauce can be used as a marinate or
just as a finishing sauce after the careful preparation of your meats
through slow, gentle cooking to preserve the natural flavor of the
meats. Adding this sauce to the last 5 minutes of cooking will bring
out the best in any meat.

This exquisite condiment is now available to the general public to
spread the good news of the perfect blend of Original,
Honey-Mustard and Spicy. To obtain your personal supply of this
delicious sauce, browse this site for further information about where
it is available and how to order it for delivery to your door.
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